The Blue Hour—a duo from the Seattle area—blends electronic, ethereal, and psychedelic to create haunting songs in the mood of early 4AD bands with a touch of post-industrial dissonance. 

The Blue Hour's new album, “Always” (release date: October 27, 2017) , draws on stories from Marselle and Brian's time living on the streets of Seattle. There, they drifted from abandoned homes to dance clubs, blending glamor and danger, finding magic in squalor. 

Early reviewers compare Marselle’s voice to Kate Bush, calling it "a phenomenon." The reviewers note that the Blue Hour’s songs are "mystical journeys," taking them completely by surprise, avoiding genre cliches and contrivances. One said that she had "never heard anything like it before in my life" and that the music "paints an interesting landscape of sound." 

The Blue Hour previously released two albums and one EP of "romantic neofolk" through the independent label, Perun (distributed by Big Blue). Those albums received praise from independent press, calling the music "unique and honest … sweet and bitter, of apparent quietude," drawing comparisons to Nick Drake and Martyn Bates from Eyeless In Gaza. One reviewer noted that "fragile and lunar emotions flow from these melancholic tracks, always on the razor's edge, on the verge of going under at any moment, but that keep a proud and vengeful poise." 

Over the years, the Blue Hour has supported numerous darkwave and industrial acts including Sol Invictus, In Gowan Ring, Unto Ashes, and Gitane Demone. 

Prior to forming the Blue Hour, Brian was the keyboardist for Seattle's seminal goth band, Black Atmosphere.

photo by Hailie Newman

photo by Hailie Newman